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Baby Turtle Swimming

I've been hoping to get some video clips of a turtle swimming. Fortunately this little turtle was really interested in the camera. It followed the camera all the way to the side of my boat before swim


Shot with Canon Power Shot SX 230 HS. Edited with Windows Live Movie Maker. Thanks a lot for your visits, comments and faves on my previous photos. For more videos please visit my blog @ www.kumar

A Look Back On 2012

Please select "HD" for better viewing. OK...first of all, I have to admit that I completely stole this idea from Matt Pasant, who has been doing retrospective slide shows of his photograph

sleepwalking (trailer)

since flickr restricts content, I've only uploaded a small little trailer for my new film. go here to view the whole thing, which is just over 2 and a half minutes long.
...I realized I never ever film stuff so out of the blue I started to use this option on my camera, things that can't really be photographed. I know it's kind of cliche' but if there will be a next

Now This is the Life

The lovely thing about falling in the river and being soaking wet and terrified of turning moldy is that you get to sit out in the sun all day. It's really fascinating to just sit and watch the sky on


HI i don't know how to make videos just clipping some random junk together is all and learning about the video feature on my new camera i know it's no good don't make fun of me! outside an abandoned

VIDEO: False Creek

In Explore: 3rd position on Tuesday, October 28, 2008 FALSE CREEK by Jim Hejl This is a view over False Creek in Yaletown (in Vancouver, BC) Posted on Sunday, April 20th, 2008. -- VIDEO -- Equipme