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Comente "NIGHT” letra por letra que vou indicar 5 pessoas e de noite tem chuva de like /ADM: @larissacamargo
“Life consists not in holding good cards, but in playing those cards you hold well.” Photo credits: @jmonve08 #ThisIsCostaRica
Is this a dream🌎😍 Tag someone you Would swim here with . Follow 👉 @lnxury Follow 👉 @lnxury Follow 👉 @lnxury

Holding on

Vivid and almost 3D when -- Viewed On Black or better LARGER. With alternative background Most interesting photograph on Flickr? -- Plea

Cloud of this World

Greetings friends! I'm getting ready to head overseas on my annual trip to Thailand and so this photo, taken on a recent domestic flight, will be my last post for the year. I'd like to take this cha

Pommel Horse

Walk with 3-day-beard / 3-tage-bart (thank you for organising this!), bananahh, and magritknapp at the Olympic Village of the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin. It's not a typical lost place, as one can'

Good memories

In these days, as the nights get longer and the days shorter, I like to remember the time back a year ago, when we were together in Canada to discover the uniquely beautiful nature. And we were able t

Le Ricordanze

Vaghe stelle dell'Orsa, io non credea Tornare ancor per uso a contemplarvi Sul paterno giardino scintillanti, E ragionar con voi dalle finestre Di questo albergo ove abitai fanciullo, E delle gioie m

ber dem Plckensteinsee

Explore, Sep 11, 2018 &4 Wanderung vom Dreisessel zum Plckenstein: Blick von unterhalb des Plckensteins auf den Plckensteinsee; links das Stifterdenkmal, unten rechts der Beginn des Moldaustausees mi


In the world of mountains Humble and uplifting at the same time, hardly anything in nature inspires as much awe as the sight of mountains. It does not matter how many mountains you climb or how hig