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❄☕ Sıcacık bir kahve, güzel bir sohbet, dışarısı bembeyaz, huzurlu bir sessizlik daha ne olsun 💖 ( Kurabiyelere dokunmadım diyet sözü 🤚🏻) . . . #coffee #coffeetime #delicious #latte
🌺🍓☕️Good food and a warm kitchen are what make a house a home... Spoil yourself with this delicious Acai bowl! 😍🙌 Homemade granola, seasonal fruit with chia seeds and honey. Simple, healthy and tasty

Camara de Lobos

It was this traditional fishing village, situated five kilometres from Funchal, which inspired the late Sir Winston Churchill to paint its lovely surroundings. The village was given its name by the ex

ELEMENTS (On The Beach)

The elements of perfection are there, floating just out of reach, I see them, I feel them, they are in my dreams, I can almost touch them, but without you, the sun just won't shine. C'est la vie :)